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UK Manufacturer of Low Cost Electronic Modules

Silvertel specialises in the design and supply of low cost electronic modules to an extensive global customer base that includes blue chip names such as Samsung and Panasonic. Our POE, Telecoms, Battery charger and Wireless Power module products are sold to thousands of customers through a worldwide network of distributors and representatives. All this is backed up by our renowned first class technical and application support. Silvertel has pioneered many innovations in POE to include such landmarks as the smallest SMT and POE+ modules in the world, as well  as the highest power POE modules available. All modules are optimised to provide minimised footprints and package size. Ease of use with minimal external components required is an additional key Silvertel advantage. For further details on each range, click on an image below.

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Ag9924 and Ag5324
24V POE with Industrial Temperature

Spotlight Ag9900

Ag9924 and Ag5324 are the cutting edge in industrial temperature POE and ultra-miniaturisation from Silvertel. Ag9900 pushes back the boundaries for POE miniaturisation yet again at just 21.2 x 13.9mm in footprint area, and only 13.3mm high, Ag9900M is truly the smallest POE module in the world. Despite its' tiny footprint, Ag9924MT still packs a maximum 12W at 85°C of output power through improved efficiencies in design. Read more about Ag9924M or Ag9900M here. Meanwhile Ag5324 is a 24V output version of the successful POE+ Ag5300 module, capable of delivering 24W of power at 85°C. Samples are available, contact your local distributor for details. Ag5324, Ag9924M, Ag9912M, Ag9905M and Ag9903M are all released.


Ag5500-FE - Really does make POE lighting applications easyAg201 skyclouds

The growing trend into distributing lighting power over POE is driven by the need to reduce the number of stages and locations of power conversion to improve efficiency and move to safer voltage levels in domestic and commercial electricity distribution. However, doing this with POE can sometimes not be as efficient as might be wished for, counter-balancing the advantages of lighting management with losses in efficiency. Many of Silvertels POE customers have anyway used our modules in this type of application already.

To make LED lighting using POE even more efficient and surprisingly easy to implement, Silvertel now offer a two module approach for POE LED lighting designs using Ag5500-FE and Ag201. Ag5500-FE provides a 99% efficient POE front end, while Ag201 provides the DC to constant current and lighting management functions in a convenient SIL package, incoprorating DALI, analogue dimming and multiple output current options.

AG5500-FE-webPOE based topologies would normally require additional power circuitry to generate a constant current output from the POE voltage output in order to drive a typical LED load. This is both expensive and inherently inefficient. By combining a simple, tiny SIL package POE front end function at 99% efficiency using AG5500-FE with the compact fully featured Ag201, you can have a high efficiency compact POE based lighting solution, in no time at all.

Ag5500-FE can be powered from any IEEE802.3af or IEE802.3at based PSE switch, to provide up to 24W of power to the Ag201. Programmable current output levels of 350mA, 500mA, 700mA and 1A means this solution can drive a range of LEDs. Careful design means the Ag201 module delivers its output current with no need for output electrolytic capacitors, meaning this solution has an inherently long life compared to traditional LED ballasts which can fail after long exposure to typically high ambient temperatures.

 AG5500-FE and Ag201

All this and still delivered at Silvertels typically market competitive pricing and backed by our renowned Applications Support and industry leading quality. For more details contact Silvertel or your local distributor.

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